Allied Liberation Vehicles / United States, Great Britain & Canada – Francois Bertin

  • Editions Quest-France
  • 2004
  • Bestelnummer: OORL034

Paperback 128 pagina's afm. 19,5 x 25,5 cm. ISBN: 9782737334658 Engelstalig Allied Liberation Vehicles / United States, Great Britain, Canada - Francois Bertin From the paratrooper's folding bicycle to the assault tank, The Allied Vehicles of the Liberation presents a living panorama of the vehicles that participated in the Normandy landings and the eventual liberation of Europe. The principal vehicles of the American, British and Canadian armies are shown here, each of them presented with precise technical details. The book is illustrated throughout with specially commissioned, magnificent, detailed full color photographs of vehicles collected and brought back to life by some of the leading restorers in Europe. This book will be of interest to all military vehicle enthusiasts and to vehicle modelers in particular. Conditie: goed

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