Precious Stones / Rubies (Quotations) – Collected by H.L. Sidney Lear

  • Rivingtons - Waterloo Place / London
  • 1881
  • Bestelnummer: MIN032

Kleine rood linnen hardcover, ingenaaid 92 pagina's afm. 6 x 9 cm! (zakformaat!) Engelstalig Rubies - Precious stones - collected by (Henrietta Louisa) H.L. Sidney Lear Part II of three vol!! (I - Pearls - Grace) (II - Rubies - Nature) (II - Diamonds - Art) Rubies contains reflections on Nature from S. Augustine, S. Francis de Sales, and S. Gregory, besides extracts from Ruskin,, Neale, Hugh Macmillan, and Charles Kingsley. (bron; google books;-Creed and Character; Sermons door Henry Scott Holland) Conditie: goed Let op: uitsluitend Part II opdracht op schutblad (d.d. Christmas 1881), enkele pagina's wat ruim in de binding

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