Art Of Queen, The Eye – David McCandless (incl. CD-Rom)

  • Smithmark Publishers Inc.
  • 1998
  • Bestelnummer: LAWD045

Gebonden hardcover met stofomslag 158 pagina's afm. 23 x 29 cm. ISBN: 9780765191267 Engelstalig Art Of Queen; The Eye - David McCandless The making of an Unparalleled Computer Action Game With exclusive CD-rom insite. The impressive emergence of renowned rock band Queen into the world of action-adventure computer games is chronicled in this fascinating, lavishly illustrated book and CD-ROM. This package introduces audiences to the futuristic, post-apocalyptic world of The Eye and presents the behind-the-scenes work that made the game a reality. Queen's innovative music inspired the plot and fanstastic visual landscape. Conditie: goed lichte beschadiging bovenrand cover, (geschaafd van het verplaatsen), inclusief CD-Rom

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