Peppering: The Artistic Creations of Philip Pepper (Book 1)

  • Albright & Co. - Philip Pepper
  • 1993
  • Bestelnummer: HOBB130

Softcover 47 pagina's afm. 21,5 x 27,5 cm. Engelstalig Peppering: The Artistic Creations of Philip Pepper Book 1 This book contains techniques for using both single and double wing needles, decorative threads, and decorative stitches. The illustrated projects include a pillowcase, a placemat, and garments. The center pull-out section has complete patterns for an adult camisole, adult collars, two children's pinafores, and a child's dress. The sewing machine stitches on the samples and referred to in the directions of this book are found on the Pfaff 1475CD. Many sewing machines have decorative built-in stitches which are very similar to the stitches in this book Conditie: goed / zeer goed inclusief bijhorende patroonbladen

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