New Design in Bobbin Lace – Ann Collier

  • B.T. Batsford
  • 1987
  • Bestelnummer: HOBB072

Gebonden hardcover met stofomslag 144 bladzijden afm. 19 x 25,5 cm. ISBN: 9780713442151 Engelstalig New Design in Bobbin Lace - Ann Collier This book contains a selection of patterns and motifs with explanations of how the designs have evolved and how they can be used. The study begins with simple scrolls and calligraphic motifs and progresses via flowers, animals and human figures to more advanced lace pictures, abstract patterns and floral Bucks for the capable worker. How to use the motifs, and how to build them into an overall design with appropriate filling stitches. Lace designs involves the creative use of different threads, stitches and colours: these and the practicalities involved are explored in detail. Conditie: goed

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