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A Companion to Hungarian Studies – László Kósa.

  • Akadémiai Kiadó / Budapest
  • 1999
  • Bestelnummer: PGZ001
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Gebonden hardcover 510 pagina’s afm. 16 x 24 x 3,3, cm. ISBN: 9630576775 Engelstalig A Companion to Hungarian Studies – László Kósa The origins, history and characteristics of the Hungarian people, An introduction to Hungarian studies, for scholars and graduate students. After an introduction to the history of Hungarian studies, chapters cover the geographic location and number of Hungarians, the history of the Hungarian language, and the political history of Hungary. Later chapters discuss the history of art, scholarship, and education up to the present, focusing on literature. There is also a chapter on ethnology and folklore. Includes color and b&w photos and paintings. Conditie: goed / zeer goed

Prijs: € 14.95

Verzendkosten: € 7.25

Africa 1900 / A Continent Emerges – Eric Baschet

  • Swan Productions
  • 1989
  • Bestelnummer: FZW043
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Gebonden hardcover met stofomslag 260 pagina’s afm. 22 x 29,5 cm. ISBN: 3894340061 Engelstalig Africa 1900 / A Continent Emerges a history in documentary photographs A century ago, Africa was aptly named ‘The Dark Continent’ by Europeans. The successors of the ancient civilizations on the Mediterranean that had traded and fought with Europe for thousands of years were a part of our cultural sphere, and, in the South, the Cape Colonies had grown in the 16th through 18th centuries. The rest of Africa, apart from a few ports and sections of coast, remained an unknown land, a continent largely unmapped. The photographs in this volume cover a period of discovery and exploration in the heart of the continent and of the European colonies’ expansion and conflict in the South. We see tribal civilizations as they were first encountered – as yet unaffected by Europeans. We also see the contributions of European technology and society – the culture built dams and railways but also brought the gattling gun. Conditie: goed / zeer goed

Prijs: € 10.95

Verzendkosten: € 4.50

Alba / General and Servant to the Crown – Maurits Ebben e.a.

  • Karwansaray Publishers
  • 2016
  • Bestelnummer: STLG-020T
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Gebonden hardcover met stofomslag 464 pagina’s afm. 22,5 x 28,5 x 3 cm. ISBN: 9789490258085 Engelstalig Alba General and Servant to the Crown – Maurits Ebben, Margreit Lacy-Bruijn & Rolof van Hövell tot Westerflier Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba, is one of the most formidable and controversial figures of the sixteenth century. He has long been depicted as an evil genius: the gruesome face of Spanish imperialism and dark suppressor of the revolt in the Low Countries. During his long and fascinating life Alba revealed wide-ranging skills and interests. A successful soldier, he was also a distinguished courtier and an influential diplomat, serving his monarchs, Charles V and Philip II, without fail. Moreover, he was an avid art collector. Previously unexamined data from various international archives and newly developed insights have now collectively formed a more nuanced image of the Grand Duke. In this book, sixteen leading historians from eight countries present their differing views on Alba’s life and career, shedding new light on this intriguing and influential leader who had strong political and religious convictions. Conditie: nieuw geseald in plastic

Prijs: € 39.95

Verzendkosten: € 7.25

Antwerpen; Twaalf Eeuwen Geschiedenis en Cultuur – Karel van Isacker & Raymond van Uyten

  • Mercatorfonds / Antwerpen
  • 1986
  • Bestelnummer: LAWD004
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Grote gebonden hardcover met stofomslag in originele cassette 435 pagina’s afm. 26 x 34 x 4,5 cm. gewicht 3120 gram ISBN: 9061531616 Antwerpen / Twaalf Eeuwen Geschiedenis en Cultuur – Karel van Isacker & Raymond van Uyten Volledige cultuurgeschiedenis van Antwerpen. Van stad tot metropool Prachtig uitgegeven boek over de geschiedenis van de stad Antwerpen. Met fraaie foto’s en afbeeldingen Conditie: goed tot zeer goed lichte tint verkleuring van ruggedeelte, kleine tijd- en gebruikssporen aan kartonnen cassette boek, binding/binnenwerk zeer goed tot als nieuw

Prijs: € 29.95

Verzendkosten: € 6.95

Berlin und die Alliierten 1944-1994 / Teil 1: Bildmappe & Teil 2: Texte und Dokumente – Hans-Norbert Burkert & Hans-Jochen Markmann

  • Berliner Istitut für Lehrerfort- und weiterbildung und Schulentwicklung (BIL) / Berlin
  • 1995
  • Bestelnummer: OORL080
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Complete set: boek en beeldmap boek 252 bladzijden + beeldmap 114 losse vellen met fotomateriaal afm. 21 x 29,5 cm. Berlin und die Alliierten 1944-1994 Teil 1; Bildmappe – Hans-Norbert Burkert & Hans-Jochen Markmann Teil 2; Texte und Dokumente – Hans-Norbert Burkert & Hans-Jochen Markmann unter Mitarbeit von: Ralf Melzer, Michael Metto und Bernhild Ranke Conditie: redelijk

Prijs: € 14.95

Verzendkosten: € 4.50

Bolwerk van de Sterren – C. de Jager e.a.

  • Uitgeverij Bekking / Amersfoort
  • 1993
  • Bestelnummer: GED082
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Gebonden hardcover 219 pagina’s afm. 17 x 23,5 cm. ISBN: 9789061093237 Bolwerk van de Sterren – C. de Jager, H.G. van Bueren & M. Kuperus De Utrechtse sterrenwacht werd 350 jaar geleden gesticht, en ontwikkelde zich van een klein, primitief observatorium tot een instituut van internationaal aanzien. Het boek bestaat uit 4 delen; 1) de geschiedenis van de Utrechtse sterrenwacht, 2) het sterrenkundig onderzoek door de eeuwen heen, daaronder valt niet alleen de traditionele optische sterrenkunde, maar ook het moderne ruimteonderzoek (röntgen- en radiosterrenkunde etc.), 3) wetenschappelijke vooruitblik, 4) levensbeschrijvingen, literatuur, promoties vanaf 1880 en register van persoonsnamen. Utrechtse sterrenkundigen hebben altijd bekend gestaan om hun affiniteit met de popularisering van de sterrenkunde. Ook de auteurs van dit boek, de hoogleraren De Jager, Van Bueren en Kuperus, richten zich niet alleen op vakgenoten, maar ook op de belangstellende leek. Rijk geïllustreerd met meer dan 170 afbeeldingen, waarvan vele in kleur. (Bron: biblion recensie; Dr. E. Zwijnenberg) Conditie: zeer goed (tot als nieuw)

Prijs: € 6.50

Verzendkosten: € 4.50

Calendrical Calculations – Nachum Dershowitz en Edward M. Reingold

  • Cambridge University Press
  • 1997 (gebonden hardcover uitgave)
  • Bestelnummer: DIAS076
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Gebonden hardcover 331 pagina’s afm. 16 x 23,5 cm. ISBN: 9780521564748 Engelstalig Calendrical Calculations – Nachum Dershowitz & Edward M. Reingold A valuable resource for working programmers, as well as a fount of useful algorithmic tools for computer scientists, this new edition of the popular calendars book expands the treatment of the previous edition to new calendar variants: generic cyclical calendars and astronomical lunar calendars as well as the Korean, Vietnamese, Aztec, and Tibetan calendars. The authors frame the calendars of the world in a completely algorithmic form, allowing easy conversion among these calendars and the determination of secular and religious holidays. LISP code for all the algorithms are available on the Web. Recensies: ‘Because years, months, and days don’t mesh simply, calendar making has been a challenge throughout history. Reingold and Dershowitz’s compendium, here in its third edition, has already established itself as the definitive reference on calendrical structures. Their manual displays conversions between all the major calendar systems as well as between many fascinating schemes from bygone civilizations.’ Owen Gingerich, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ‘One of the most fascinating books I’ve read all year. Takes chronology into the computer age with impressive erudition and elan. Just finding out what the calendar rules are is usually close to impossible: Calendrical Calculations tells you how to use them too. A must for everyone who worries about days, months, years – and why they never quite fit.’ Ian Stewart ‘ … a good, comprehensive documentation of software for calculating dates on very many calendars.’ P. Kenneth Seidelmann, Director of Astrometry, U.S. Naval Observatory ‘… something of immense value … a true labor of love, this cultural service to humanity should be in every library of the world.’ Choice ‘If you are interested in Calendars this book is a must have – an excellent mind-broadening book.’ Journal of the ACCU ‘ … this book must surely become the standard work on calendar conversions. No historian, chronologist or recreational mathematician should be without it.’ E.G. Richards, Nature Conditie: goed / zeer goed ex-libris op schutblad

Prijs: € 12.50

Verzendkosten: € 4.50

Chinese Propaganda Posters – Anchee Min, Duo Duo & Stefan R. Landsberger

  • Taschen / Hong Kong – Tokyo – Köln
  • 2008
  • Bestelnummer: 18X
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Grote softcover met omslagflappen 240 pagaina’s afm. 22,5 x 34 cm. ISBN: 9783836503167 Tekst in zowel Engels, Duits als Frans Chinese Propaganda Posters / From the Collection of Michael Wolf – Anchee Min, Duo Duo & Stefan R. Landsberger Mao’s starring role in Chinese propaganda art With his smooth, warm, red face which radiated light in all directions, Chairman Mao Zedong was a fixture in Chinese propaganda posters produced between the birth of the People’s Republic in 1949 and the early 1980s. These infamous posters were, in turn, central fixtures in Chinese homes, railway stations, schools, journals, magazines, and just about anywhere else where people were likely to see them. Chairman Mao, portrayed as a stoic superhero (a.k.a. the Great Teacher, the Great Leader, the Great Helmsman, the Supreme Commander), appeared in all kinds of situations (inspecting factories, smoking a cigarette with peasant workers, standing by the Yangzi River in a bathrobe, presiding over the bow of a ship, or floating over a sea of red flags), flanked by strong, healthy, ageless men and “masculinized” women and children wearing baggy, sexless, drab clothing. The goal of each poster was to show the Chinese people what sort of behavior was considered morally correct and how great the future of Communist China would be if everyone followed the same path toward utopia by uniting together. Combining fact and fiction in a way typical of propaganda art, these posters exuded positive vibes and seemed to suggest that Mao was an omnipresent force that would accompany China to happiness and greatness. Mooi boek met prachtige kleuren reproducties Conditie: als nieuw

Prijs: € 8.50

Verzendkosten: € 4.50

Codes en Geheimschriften – Ph. Tossijn

  • De Pijl / Brussel
  • 1946  (2e uitgave)
  • Bestelnummer: MIN014
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Kleine softcover 62 pagina’s afm. 11,5 x 16 cm. Unieke uitgave Codes en Geheimschriften – Ph. Tossijn Mijlpaalserie nr. 6 Codes en Geheimschriften door Philip Tossijn Conditie: redelijk / goed gelijkmatige tijdsverkleuring papier

Prijs: € 7.95

Verzendkosten: € 3.65

De Gebakken Steen – A.W. Weissman

  • Ipenbuur & van Seldam / Amsterdam
  • 1906   (2e druk)
  • Bestelnummer: ARC020
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Gebonden linnen hardcover, groen linnen rug met goud opdruk 184 tekstpagina’s + 124 eenzijdig gedrukte platenpagina’s afm. 21 x 27,5 cm. De Gebakken Steen – A.W. Weissman De geschiedenis van de gebakken steen; van de oudheid tot in de hedendaagse kunst. (anno 1906) Met 71 platen (gevels, bouwstijlen, monumentale panden, enz. van over de hele wereld) waarvan enkele in kleur. Conditie: goed *als pakket verzonden i.v.m. omvang/gewicht

Prijs: € 9.95

Verzendkosten: € 7.25

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